Mariupolis (documentary)

2:00 pm

In Mariupolis, Lithuanian Director Mantas Kvedaravicius follows the lives of people living in Mariupol, an isolated city in eastern Ukraine. Once populated by the Ancient Greeks and called Mariupolis, Mariupol is now the site of everyday bomb threats from the conflict between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government forces. Kvedaravicius subtly documents the lives of the inhabitants of Mariupol, living as they do under the permanent threat of a new explosion. There’s the shoemaker, a father and daughter fishing, teenage dancers rehearsing for a performance on Victory Day and children playing. The church bell rings, the steel mill continues to operate and animals pace around in the zoo. Kvedaravicius shares small details of the city, also visiting abandoned public spaces: a mural from the Soviet days peeling from the wall, a plaster cast of a Greek statue. A beautifully haunting piece of documentary making Mariupolis shows a world where life goes regularly, if strangely, on.

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