Marketers and business owners all have a hard time keeping up with search engine optimization strategies that keep changing. Since the beginning of stringent Google updates, webmasters found it challenging to consistently figure out how to get their site in shape once Google run their various search engine algorithms.

Wouldn’t it be better to leave the challenges of getting search engine marketing right to Portland SEO expert who had a hand in fine-tuning numerous sites for years on end? You bet it would. What is more, guys like Moving Mountains Advisors would utilize modern day SEO in Portland Oregon practices. For some the methods, you have to use these days may seem unreal. But then again we all fall under the Google umbrella in some way. What are some of the modern tactics for SEO?

Why Should You Target Local SEM?

Once searchers type in a keyword phrase such as car rentals, the chances are strong that they will be directed to Google Places where they can find a local car hire companies nearby. Users are unlikely to scroll down to see if there are other businesses offering better services. What can be done about this?

SEO Agencies of note reckon you should expand your horizons in terms of search engine optimization by making use of Google Places too. Regardless of the situation in terms of SEO practices used, it will take some time to optimize your business for different services. What you need to do is make a list of the services that come across as Yellow Pages online in your given niche in Littleton area, then ensure you register for all these.

The next thing that would require your attention would be to optimize your blog or page for Google Places by pointing your page on Google to your best landing page. From here it is simply a case of getting yourself reviewed by recognized authorities. Why not let a reputed SEO consultant take care of your on-page optimization. It sure will increase your page rank.

Integrate Social Media with SEO

Another modern way of incorporating best SEO practices is to integrate social media. Have you noticed how Facebook fan pages get advertised on billboards and even movie screens? You need to be where your competition is, on Twitter and Facebook.

Just recently, an Atlanta Social Media Communications Company started raising funds for numerous non-profit cancer organizations. The way it would work is that big companies like PayPal and eBay would donate $0.01 to various charities whenever the hashtag #Beatcancer got used on a Facebook page or blog post. Surprisingly, they managed to raise close to $70,000. Can you see the benefits of utilizing social media giants like Facebook and Twitter?

Human Targeting

Isn’t true that you hear marketers say how important it is to optimize your site for the bots. What about what matters to humans? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could ignore what is good for the search engines, which include all sorts of algorithms and programs, and write content that matters to humans? People have feelings and do not care for mathematical equations or specialized coding. It is after all humans who do business with your company and buy products and services. It is imperative that you embrace this new way of thinking as Google has already moved to real-time results where there is not space of black hat SEO strategies. You either follow suit or get left behind.

Bear in mind that people go to Google to find answers to the most pressing needs or wants at the time. They would be highly irritated if you dish them substandard content just because you managed to fool the algorithms. At the time, you may have been victorious, but sooner than later you will get a bad reputation and be ignored in the future.

Stop Focusing on Backlinks Only

Do not think you can fool Google. Long gone are the days where you could try some silly tactics that involved certain keywords in tricking Google into thinking your site deserves a top spot on SERPs. They have taken a more modern approach that focuses on the authenticity of your content and the value you provide to your audience. Top SEO firms like Moving Mountains Advisors suggest you check your site or blog for authenticity. One should never take life too easy by resting on your laurels. Rather look for ways to boost your search engine rankings and regularly monitor how many visitors go to your landing page and how long they stay there.